Conscious Ambassador of Trauma Informed Care™

As a society, we are living in unprecedented times of exacerbated stress, particularly regarding issues of race, gender, and general otherness. The current state has left many feeling a need to examine self and to understand others better, while some are left feeling that an increase in sensitivity to one another is not necessary. Regardless, to be an inclusive workplace where all employees feel seen, safe, and free from bias, ridicule, and racism, employers must provide authentic spaces for examination of self and others. This process will lead to a humanizing of one another and a changing of mindsets where needed.


Thus, Hansra Consulting and Advisory Services (HCAS) in partnership with DePaul University, have created a certification called Conscious Ambassador of Trauma Informed Care™. Note, this is not the usual unconscious bias or diversity training that you have already been through. This certification is about changing hearts and minds. It is about turning inward to examine our lived experiences that have shaped who we are and how we experience those who are not like us, particularly regarding race and gender. Only then can we begin to turn outward and sensitize ourselves to the experiences of others in a way that is equitable and free from the isms that so often plague us. Below is a model that explains our Conscious Ambassadors of Trauma Informed Care™ approach.















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