"In one word: Awesome!"
Ravi has been AMAZING! She is a very passionate teacher and she knows how to communicate. She has been completely disposed to listen to our needs and help us out with challenging questions. In one word: Awesome!
-Giovanni Beachi, former Vice Principal
Cometa in Como, Italy

Intentional curriculum is the cornerstone of any great learning opportunity, and must account for the cultural identity of the participants engaging in the learning.


​Our inclusive and collaborative curriculum design process engages a diverse group of individuals including:

  • content expert

  • community expert

  • participant voice (in the case of youth programming, youth may be at the design table)

  • measurement and evaluation strategist

  • curriculum designer

This process results in curriculum that is culturally sensitive, engaging, embeds data check points, and is written with the desired outcomes in mind, weaving the mission of the organization seamlessly into the fabric of the curriculum.

We can customize the curriculum design process to suit any learning need, including but not limited to, leadership development, identity development, youth development, youth programming, and professional learning. 

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