Successful, thriving organizations know that a positive and inclusive culture begins with strong leaders who not only possess technical knowledge and skill, but are people leaders who prioritize reflection, communication, and creating conditions for staff to excel.
This type of leader recognizes that self reflection is essential before turning outward to lead others.

HCAS' approach to Leadership Development is based on the premise that leaders can only be effective if they first turn inward to unpack and understand themselves, so they can turn outward to build authentic relationships with others. All of our leadership development solutions start with this premise and weave the methods for understanding self and others throughout the trainings. 

We have a number of key solutions to promote leadership development for you and your organization. Below, is a list of solutions: 


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - The MBTI is the most widely used self-report, personality assessment tool. It is quite effective in helping participants to understand their innate personality preferences as well as how to people-read others to build better understanding and more authentic relationships with one another.  


Everything DiSC

  • Workplace

  • Management

  • Leaders

  • 363 for Leaders (similar to a 360)


Part I - Understanding Self and Others

  • Identity exploration

  • Personality Preferences using the MBTI

  • Behavior Style Preferences using the Everything DiSC

Part II​ - Leveraging Leadership

  • Leadership explores strengths and areas of opportunity for themselves and their team

  • Matching organizational needs to interests and ability level of team members

  • Create professional learning plans for staff that accounts for individuals personality and behavior style preferences

Team building sessions are available for both large and small groups. In addition, our team members are professionally trained in using the Achieve Global modules for the Needs-Based Coaching series, are certified in the MBTI, and are authorized partners for Wiley Everything Disc.


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