"At the end of the day it’s the relationship"

At the end of the day it’s the relationships that matter. Having experts are great, but if my team doesn’t trust, respect, and like working with you, then it wouldn’t work. HCAS was able to develop meaningful and authentic, long-term relationships with my team.

- Donnita Travis, Executive Director

By The Hand Club For Kids

Hansra Consulting and Advisory Services (HCAS), LLC is a mission-driven consulting firm, aimed at elevating the quality, efficacy, and sustainability of the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. At the heart of our mission is an approach that fundamentally seeks to understand our clients and partners from their perspectives. This approach helps us to serve in a consultative and advisory capacity that is trauma-informed and culturally responsive in order to provide targeted support that is, in actuality, perceived as supportive. Because our services combine our technical skill in evaluation, curriculum design, professional learning, and strategic planning with a contextually relevant orientation, our services are widely applicable to organizations with a range of missions, services, and target populations.  

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