"Thought-provoking, motivating, and direct"

Colette's presentation was thought-provoking, motivating, and direct without being confrontational. It was very well received by our parent community and staff. We look forward to finding ways to partner in the future.

- Shannon Nagy, former Director

Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School

Professional Learning is essential to creating a culture of engagement to support high quality staff and programs. Our framework centers on convening individuals to consider their professional needs, communities they serve, and programmatic outcomes.  We are committed to providing learning spaces that are participant-driven and theoretically-grounded, while being practically situated. 



  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) where participants can reflect on and enhance their professional knowledge and skill, learning from one another

  • Communities of Practice (CoP) where participants work with peers in similar roles to apply PLC concepts to their world of work.

HCAS offers a variety of professional development opportunities both in the in-school and out-of-school time space with teachers, leaders, and staff. Topics for this type of professional learning include:

  • Positive Identity Development

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Critical Cultural Competence

  • Positive Youth Development

  • Post-Secondary Success

HCAS also offers professional development, meeting the needs of non-profit leaders, particularly for those who serve in the violence prevention space. The topics in this series include: 

  • Understanding Self and Others: Leadership Development Series

  • Promoting a Trauma Sensitive Culture 

  • Trauma Sensitive Organizational Planning

  • Applying Violence Prevention Research to Practice

  • Aligning Your Mission, Vision, and Strategy

  • Using Data for Continuous Improvement

​Lastly HCAS provides professional development and training for outreach workers who work in the violence prevention space. Topics for these trainings include: 

  • Professionalizing the Violence Intervention Role Series

  • Living Your Boundaries: The Duality of the Violence Intervention Role Series

  • Identifying Your Role in the Public Health Approach

  • Self-Care Planning Series

  • Non-Violent Communication Strategies

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