At the heart of our mission is an approach that fundamentally seeks to understand our clients and partners from their perspectives. This approach helps us to serve in a consultative and advisory capacity that is trauma-informed and culturally responsive in order to provide targeted support that is, in actuality, perceived as supportive.

At Hansra Consulting and Advisory Services (HCAS), LLC, our approach to certification and training is always person-centered. With every learning opportunity, HCAS takes the time to plan for each person and organization, utilizing best practices in teaching and learning that is culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate. Our certification and training opportunities are listed below with a greater level of detail regarding each under the Training & Certs tab at the top of this page. 

Certification Opportunities

  • Conscious Ambassador of Trauma Informed Care

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Everything DiSC

Training Opportunities

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Leadership Development 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Everything DiSC

    • Workplace

    • Management

    • Leaders

    • 363 for Leaders (similar to a 360)

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